BARK Careers

BARK is a premier pet resort in Tallahassee. Our services include doggy daycare, overnight lodging, and a pet spa. We are seeking highly motivated, self-managing people to join our team. We are seeking an individual that is hard-working, team-oriented, and positive. Being compassionate and empathetic come naturally to this kind, happy, and fun-to-work-with professional. And, of course, must love dogs!

We have a three-phase hiring process. Only those who complete ALL phases will be considered.

Phase 1: Read Our Strategic Vision (below)
Phase 2: Online Application (below)
Phase 3: Hiring Seminar (upon invitation)

Only online applications will be accepted.

Who We Are

Our business is about people and their dogs. It’s about helping people and INSPIRING them to do more with and for their dogs. We are a group of energetic, motivated people who love what we do and are looking for other like-minded, high-quality people to join us. We offer exciting opportunities that will challenge your abilities, expand your skills, and reward your contributions. Our Leadership Team is passionate about fostering both personal and professional growth for all.

Who You Are

  • You Are Dependable – being a few minutes early is normal for you. You look forward to what the great day ahead spent with dogs will bring. Your teammates know they can count on you to do your work with excellence.
  • You Love the Details – as a team, we want to make sure each guest’s needs are met. From medications to meals, play times to pampering, it is all in the details to make our guest’s stay the best it can be.
  • You Are a Team Player – you want the best for the dogs that are staying with us and work as a member of the team to get that accomplished. You are willing to jump in wherever you are needed. You add to the conversation about ways to make BARK better.
  • You Are a Goal-Setter – you have goals for your work and for yourself. We have built a work culture were accomplishing goals is key to success. We have educational opportunities and areas for growth as you deepen your experience in the pet care field.
  • You Have a Client Focus – All team members must have excellent communication skills and a strong dedication to outstanding customer service. They are expected to exceed client’s expectations for the quality of service provided from our facility.

Our Hiring Process

Although we may not always be hiring, we always are accepting applications. Even if we don’t have an open position, we would be happy to receive your application and hold it for our next opening.

1- Online Application

The first step is letting us know who you are and where you are going! Our goal is to match qualified candidates with the right position at the right time. We want to make working at our facility a “game worth playing.” To us this means ensuring everyone on the team knows how to win, now and in the future.

2- Phone Interview

If we determine from your application that you are a qualified candidate, we will contact you for a phone interview. We’ll be looking to get to know you a little bit better, clarify any initial questions we have regarding your application, and answer any initial questions you have about us or the position.

3- Hiring Seminar

If we select you to move to step three of our process, you could be invited to an onsite hiring seminar where we walk through many of the aspects of the job, conduct working interviews, and get to know you. Professionalism, courtesy, timeliness are the basics. We also want to know how you handle clients, dogs, questions, and – yes – sometimes a bit of chaos.