Our Story

The idea for BARK started as a sketch on the lid of a to-go box. My brothers and I were at lunch with Dad when he told us about an unmet need in the Bradfordville community. Dad is a veterinarian and my parents have run an animal hospital in Bradfordville for more than 30 years! So he saw firsthand the need for a high-quality lodging and daycare facility in this community.

That's where I come in. Thanks to my parents' profession, I’ve had a strong connection to animals since before I was born. I’ve had dogs and cats my entire life. It's safe to say that pets are in my blood.

Scruffy & Drew_1
Though we always had dogs, the first one I called mine was a little stray that we found when I was about 8 years old. I begged my parents to let me keep him, we nursed him back to health, and he became my best friend. I named him Scruffy because that’s exactly what he was. And he was the best friend a little boy could want. He shared the bed with me until I went off to college. And when my parents called to say that it was time to let him go, I booked a flight home right away to say ‘goodbye.’

Now I have little ones of my own, and we have a black lab named Bo who is so patient and so sweet with them. He truly is a big teddy bear. When they were infants, he'd get down on the floor with them for tummy time. When they started crawling, he'd lay there and be their jungle gym. And as toddlers, he endured the ear-pulling, tail-tugging, and paw-stomping with hardly a whimper.

It is for the Scruffy’s and Bo’s of our community that I want BARK to be a special place. Every little boy’s and girl’s best friend should have a life as fulfilling as Scruffy and Bo have made mine.

This is the BARK story, and I am excited to write the next chapter with you!
Drew Steverson
Co-Founder & Resort Manager


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