Enrichment Daycare

The Thought Your Dog Deserves!

Curriculum Designed with Them In Mind!

Prioritize Safety!

We keep our play groups small, with a low dog-to-team member ratio. These better ratios significantly reduce the chance of conflict. As an added bonus, it means your dog gets more direct attention from our team members! It also means space is limited!

Meet Their Needs!

Dogs are social by nature; just think about how excited they get when you come home! And socialization with other dogs fills them with a special joy. Our play groups provide social time with a well-considered, temperament tested group of dogs that canโ€™t wait to meet and play with your pup!

Keep Them Engaged!

Our curriculum is custom designed for dogs in a variety of sizes and play styles who want to be a part of the fun and games. Our capable, credentialed staff is here to show your dog the love and expert attention necessary for a full life. Making daycare a consistent part of your dog's week is one of the best ways to keep them happy and healthy.

Let Them Rest!

Just as important as our games and activities, dogs need some time to chill and take it easy. Rest is important for your dog's physical and mental health, and reduces exhaustion-related conflicts. With BARK enrichment daycare it's not always about go, go, go!

We blend and rotate social time, games, skill development, and rest to give your dog the perfect balance. Dogs love to play hard, then rest hard. Our curriculum is designed so that your dog gets to burn lots of energy with their friends, while still getting the rest they need. Give your dog their perfect day with us!