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Or is it Cat Lounging?

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Overlook Nook

Perched high in the Den and overseeing the humans, is the overlook nook. This breezy and sightseeing cat suite offers the wide-open view of the lobby as well as the birds and trees outside through our many windows.

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Purr-fect Accommodations for Your Cat!

Our cat room - affectionately called The Den - is designed specifically for our feline family members.

The Den is in a separate section of the building from our dog suites. That way our feline guests are not stressed by the sounds and smells of the dogs. The Den also has an attached cat playroom - Predator's Peak - complete with cat tower and elevated perches. And both the Den and the Peak have large windows since we all know our cats love to keep an eye on their subjects!

Cats are special creatures with exceptionally high standards. We designed the Den and the Peak as the throne room in an otherwise dog-centered facility!